The macerator ensures that foreign objects are chopped in order to avoid risk of clogging of pipes

In order to avoid clogging of the system it is essential to make sure that there are no foreign objects such as parts of cloves, teeth, stones or the like in the slurry pumped to the plant.

Therefore, the slurry has to be pumped to the sandwasher through a macerator, ensuring that foreign objects are either chopped into smaller pieces or caught in the stone trap. Any risk of clogging of pipes and other parts of the installation after the macerator is thereby eliminated has to be installed.

Opicon applies macerators type RotaCut maceratoren from Vogelsang in their installations.



RotaCut macerators have been developped almost 20 years ago. Today they are an indispensable part of many system configurations.
As an efficient macerator and stone trap, RotaCut is the perfect solution to avoid pumping problems because of course fibrous materials and foreign objects. Stones and other hard objects are kept back, coarse fibrous matereials are macerated and the slurry is homogenized at the same time.

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