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Optimise sludge treatment with a screw press from Stjernholm

The past few years have seen an increased focus on disposal costs and energy consumption. In addition, the industry would like to minimise the consumption of polymers related to sludge dewatering.

These three parameters have played a vital role during the development of the screw press from Stjernholm.

The screw press works with max. 1.5 revolutions per minute and is powered by a low-energy gear motor of just 1.5 kW. This ensures not only a very low energy consumption level but also a noise level of max. 65 dB(A).

The influx pressure is increased and controlled by a pressure transmitter and the dewatering area is divided into three zones with various openings. Utilisation of either a KANTSPALTESI, a perforated sheet with round holes or a combination of the two is possible, depending on local conditions.

Everything is made of durable stainless Aisi 304. The press requires only a minimum of maintenance and the entire steering of the dewatering process from influx, supply and mixing of polymer to discharge of dewatered sludge through the screw conveyor is fully automated and controlled.

Depending on the characteristics of the influx sludge, a dewatering level of 18-25% TS can be achieved with minimal utilisation of polymer.

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When you cooperate with us, you know that we are focusing on delivering a solution to you that adds value to your facility.


  • Lower energy consumption than a decanter
  • Service life of 10-15 years
  • Requires less than 1 hour of inspection time per month


  • Eco-friendly engines and the newest improvements facilitate energy savings that are directly transferable to lower CO2 emissions.


  • The design and installation of the screw press allow for easy access for inspection and service purposes.
  • We highly value the working environment and no matter where our products are manufactured, we strive for sustainable production according to Danish standards.
  • The screw press has very low noise and vibration levels.
  • Completely closed unit, combined with a high level of operational reliability, minimises the need for staff to touch the waste water, creating a better working environment and reducing absenteeism due to illness.

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