Efficient aeration delivers correct amounts of oxygen and significantly reduces electricity consumption

In a modern purification plant equipped with the newest technology, efficient aeration systems are a must in order to ensure optimal oxidation.

Stjernholm recommends the aeration series from Supratec. This range is based on various types of rubber membranes, all able to produce those very fine air bubbles needed to establish efficient oxygen transfer processes.

Such a high level of efficiency reduces energy expenses. You can easily save around 30% compared to other products such as diffusers!

The aerators can be installed in new and existing aeration tanks and they are made of polypropylene. The rubber membrane is made of EPDM rubber and silicone.

Supratec aerators are available as:

  • plate diffusers
  • disc diffusers
  • fine bubble diffusers

Local conditions determine the optimal type of aerators to use.

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When you cooperate with us, you know that we are focusing on delivering a solution to you that adds value to your facility.


  • Up to 40% savings on electricity consumption by switching from pipe to plate aerators
  • Up to 60% savings on electricity consumption by switching from surface to bottom aerators
  • Documented short payback time (3.6-7 years)
  • Operation optimisation through OXxOFF control system


  • Reduction of CO2 emission with reduced electricity consumption
  • High level of hygiene, no physical contact with the units
  • Eco-friendly aeration, no aerosols in surroundings
  • Reduction of nitrous oxide emission through OXxOFF control system


  • Minimal service and maintenance, meaning reduced man-hour costs
  • Automatic operation, minimal surveillance
  • No physical contact with the facility during operation

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