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    for sewage treatment plants, farming, biogas and the chemical/technical industries

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Stjernholm A/S is a commercial, production, engineering and consulting company specialising in innovative environmental solutions for sewage treatment plants, farming, biogas and the chemical/technical industries.

With products and knowledge within pre-treatment, processes, sludge processing, installations “outside the fence” and our own service organisation, we have assumed a central position at the water treatment market at public as well as private sewage treatment plants and waterworks in Denmark.

One of our key competences is the separation of organic and inorganic material in various liquids. To solve that task, we have supplied more than 100 installations through the years, based on our self-produced Stjernholm Sand Washer.

Since 2015, we have marketed a system to separate slurry and sand for Danish as well as foreign milk producers that use sand in the cow cubicles. The Stjernholm Sand Washer and our specialist knowledge are essential factors here as well.

Stjernholm A/S operates according to a cooperation concept which we call Cooperation with a value. We would like to fully utilise our common competences in order to always supply sustainable solutions with regard to finances, the environment and CSR.

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