Now Stjernholm also washes sand in Stoholm

At the treatment plant at Stoholm, a completely new pre-treatment has been set up, with a new inlet and sand trap, and a new building for machinery. One of the new machines at the plant is a Stjernholm SR1900 sand washer, which is also a completely new installation at the plant.
This sand washer retains up to 90 % of sand particles > 125 µ from the inflow, and delivers the sand in a closed container, with a dry material content above 95 % and an organic content < 1 %. The high retention percent of sand ensures a reduction in deposition and transport, in turn reducing the total CO2 emissions from the plant. This counts even more at the Stoholm treatment plant, which has not previously had a sand washer installed. EnergiViborg has experience from sand washers operating at some of its other treatment plants, where the efficiency and stable operation of the Stjernholm sand washer was convincing. The call for tenders also attached considerable importance to TCO, and our sand washer with a lifetime of 15-20 years and an estimated payback period of 2-5 years also scored well in connection with the award. Reference: Project Manager Niels Kjeldgaard and Project Manager Mogens Lindgaard, EnergiViborg Stjernholm A/S # gritwasher - #sandwasher - #Offgas - #inlet - #stjernholm

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