Screw pumps

Screw pumps from Spaans are characterised by high capacity levels, good durability, minimal maintenance and long service lives

Spaans Babcock is the oldest and largest manufacturer of screw pumps and has delivered more than 30,000 screw pumps worldwide. The vast knowledge and experience held in this company is turned into an advantage for Stjernholm customers when it comes to transporting water or sludge within a purification plant or with regards to dewatering low-lying areas.

The screw pumps are available in many different sizes and with a capacity from 15 litres/sec. to 11 m3/sec. No matter which model is needed, the pump features a simple design that makes it incredibly reliable. Thanks to the low operating speed, the pump handles even high levels of strain year after year without any problems.

Through an open pump structure with large spaces between the screw threads the pump is well-suited for transporting sludge with coarse particles. In addition, the screw is very gentle towards delicate biological structures which are not destroyed during transport.

The pump does not require a well for medium collection and the pump capacity is adjusted depending on water/sludge influx. It can even run without a drop of water, removing the need for installation of level gauges and similar equipment to prevent dry runs.

Spaans screw pumps require only minimal maintenance. Compared to equipment such as centrifuge pumps, the requirements are almost non-existent. Therefore, screw pumps are also well-suited for installation in places where staff does not pass every day.

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When you cooperate with us, you know that we are focusing on delivering a solution to you that adds value to your facility.


  • Service life of 30-40 years.
  • Significant operating budget savings due to minimal maintenance costs as well as simple and safe operation and steering year after year.
  • Biological compounds are treated gently due to a very low rotational speed. This can lead to improvements within other facility processes.


  • Engines that fulfil EU requirements related to energy saving engines by law as of January 2017 contribute to reducing the total CO2 emission from the facility.
  • A high system efficiency level in almost any operational situation, even when using frequency converters, reduces the total CO2 emission of the facility.


  • A simple transmission mode, service-friendliness and operational reliability contribute to minimising the need for staff to touch the waste water. That leads to good working conditions and reduced levels of absenteeism due to illness.

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