An efficient and powerful mixing of the slurry in the raw slurry tank is a must.

It is crucial to the process of sand / slurry separation that the slurry is always homogenous during the operation of the process. Therefore, efficient and powerful mixing of the slurry in the raw slurry tank is a must.

According to Opicon’s experience, Landia submersible mixers are both efficient and reliable. However, tank sizes and dimensions are crucial to efficient mixing and to avoid sand sedimentation. Opicon will be pleased to recommend tank dimensions favorable to mixing.

Landia mixer type POP

The mixer type POP is developed and built to mix slurry with a high dry matter content. Perfect for all types of slurry!

Landia POP can be equipped with a propeller in a special hard wearing material – considerably prolonging its service life when operating in slurry containing sand.

Landia POP creates a powerful mixing in raw slurry tanks, effectively homogenizing sand and slurry in short mixing intervals. Therefore, energy consumption will be kept at a low level.

A unique feature of Landia POP mixer installation equipment is that they can be installed in existing tanks without having to empty the tank, simply and rapidly!

A Landia mixer is always adapted to the actual job and will be delivered with installation equipment assuring a long service life and easy and safe operation.

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