Rotary Screen

Stjernholm’s rotary screen is particularly suitable in order to separate some of the liquid from the slurry before transfer to the sandwasher.

Stjernholm’s rotary screen unit has proved to meet and exceed the expectations of operators wherever it is installed. The unit is preferably installed in connection with a sandwasher in order to separate some of the liquid from the slurry before further transfer of the slurry.

The process in the rotary screen has the effect of increasing the dry matter content in the slurry from approx. 4% to approx. 12%, considerably reducing necessary storage capacity and transport cost. The sandfree slurry with a high dry matter content is also applicable for treatment in biogas plants.

The customized drum is equipped with perforated blades in stainless steel, installed in a closed cabinet with large inspection and service hatches. The drum rotates on four wheels, two powered wheels and two runners. The powered wheels are made of rubber, making it possible to use the unit in aggressive effluents.

The rotating speed as well as the installation angle of the drum are adjustable and can be adapted to the actual conditions for optimization of the operation and energy consumption.

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