“Cleaning pigs”

Internal deposits are removed from sewer pipes and other pipes in a quick, simple and effective way

Pipeline cleaning with pigs is a simple, quick and effective way of removing internal deposits from the pipes. Maximum pipe capacity is maintained during the cleaning procedure, ensuring financial gains as an interruption of operations is not necessary. The utilisation of pigs is based on a simple idea. The cylindrical pigs are pushed through the piping system by means of either a liquid or air. Pigs are made of a synthetic material; a type of foam rubber with open cells. Material elasticity allows the pigs to fill up the pipe completely and it alters its shape depending on the pipe diameter, through bends and valves.

A practical flightcase is available for storage and transport of the pigs.

For pipe location, we recommend our RD 7000 pipe locator.

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  • Minimal operational costs for system operation
  • Saves costs/man-hours related to pipe cleaning
  • Energy cost savings of up to 20%


  • Less deposits means less consumption of chemicals for cleaning
  • Less development of hydrogen sulphide


  • Easy and comfortable working conditions
  • Higher level of work safety through minimisation of hydrogen sulphide levels

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