Transport systems

Efficient, hygienic and reliable transport of sludge and other waste

Efficient, hygienic transport systems are indispensable within a long range of purification plants and industrial companies. The requirements of the conveyors involved in various system constructions are always efficiency and operational reliability.
Stjernholm conveyors fulfil these requirements within all applicable areas. The conveyors are delivered to the customer as tailor-made solutions with individual dimensioning of size and rotation speed.

Conveyors are available with or without shaft. Shaft-less screw conveyors are often used in systems dealing with sticky, greasy transport products or product with long fibres.

No matter the area of application, the construction is technically very strong in order to ensure operational reliability and minimum wear. The conveyor is powered by a gear motor and is equipped with an efficiently sealed bearing system.

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When you cooperate with us, you know that we are focusing on delivering a solution to you that adds value to your facility.


  • Service life of 15-20 years.
  • Very low operation and maintenance costs. Available with various protective inlays that fit the task.


  • Engines that fulfil EU requirements related to energy saving engines by law as of January 2017 contribute to reducing the total CO2 emission from the facility.


  • Service-friendliness, operational reliability and the closed system contribute to minimising the need for staff to touch the waste water. That leads to better working conditions and reduced levels of absenteeism due to illness.

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