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Ultrasound treatment of sludge increases the biogas production by 20% and significantly reduces the sludge volume

Sludge treatment can be a heavy financial entry at many purification plants but with a payback time of just a few years, the installation of Ultrawaves for ultrasound treatment of sludge is a very attractive investment.

Ultrasound is sound with vibrations above “the audible” area. It is successfully put to use in a variety of scenarios – now including sludge treatment.

You can read more about Ultrawaves and ultrasound treatment here:

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  • Typically 3-5% higher TS for final dewatering
  • Biogas production increases by 20%
  • Residual sludge volume is reduced by 10-15%
  • 15-20% less polymer consumption


  • Better utilisation of resources through increased gas production
  • Lower sludge volume, less deposits and thereby less transport contribute to lower CO2 emissions from the facility.
  • No waste production such as when using sludge heat treatment
  • Higher efficiency level, lower loss


  • Service-friendly and operationally reliable
  • Closed system, hygienic conditions for the staff
  • Utilisation of resources that would otherwise be wasted

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