Happy New Year

We hope you have entered the new year well. At Stjernholm A/S, are we ready to welcome you!
Because even though a lot is different – there is still something that is as it used to be!

Aggressive environments are expected for our service technicians. They are trained to look after themselves and others.

They are used to taking the necessary precautions when working on a wastewater treatment plant

So even though much is currently different, they are still ready to move out.

Similarly, our salespeople have now had almost a year to learn how to be preoccupied without being on the spot. And it’s going well now!

For Stjernholm, 2020 has been a very instructive year. Therefore, we feel entirely at a higher level now – even after the current restrictions have been tightened.

Call or write and experience collaboration with value – even in a Coronatime!

Stjernholm A/S wishes everyone a happy New Year!

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