“Not everyone has the same focus on the Sustainable Development Goals”

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) recently carried out a survey of 7174 Danish companies’ online communications about sustainability. It appears that 53% of these companies mention sustainability on their online business cards, while as many as 93% of companies with more than 250 employees communicate online about sustainability.

The survey was referred to recently in Børsen, where Kaj Nees Stjernholm was quoted as saying that “We must respect the fact that not everyone has the same focus on the Sustainable Development Goals”. That is why – in Kaj’s opinion – it is important to concentrate on the CREATION OF VALUE in the solution. Then aspects like the environment and CSR become important selection criteria on a level with the price.

“But in export markets especially, we have met specific requests about relating the qualities of our products to the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Kaj Nees Stjernholm. The company’s website now shows both the Sustainable Development Goals and the partial goals affected by each product.

See here how our products go with the flow towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals


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