Optimising the sand trap is one of our specialities.

Large quantities of sand are carried into a treatment plant in the first flow, making heavy demands on the plant’s sand trap. Århus Vand had therefore called for tenders to optimise the sand trap at the Egå treatment Plant – and we won the tender.
The invitation to tender included replacing and optimising the machine installations such as gears, axles, gear rim, grease separator trolley and mammoth pumps.
In our assessment, great emphasis was placed on the solution with a freely mobile mammoth pump with a tilt sensor, which ensures stable operation when exceptionally large quantities of sand are fed into the plant.
The assignment focused strongly on optimal efficiency in daily servicing and maintenance. One element in meeting this challenge was a central lubrication point located on sand trap bridge.
Reference: Project Manager Mille Hjorth Schausen, Århus Vand
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