The dialogue provided the optimum solution

Jens Enevoldsen from Din Forsyning: – The dialogue provided the optimum solution. We have significantly lifted our working environment.-

-When our 2 old Stjernholm grit washer after almost 20 years had performed their job, we started making tender material on a 1:1 solution,- says the manager from Din Forsyning, Jens Enevoldsen, – but I had a feeling that we should avoid making our material too restrictive. I felt it was important that we had the opportunity to use our knowledge, working together with our adviser Envidan and our potential suppliers, making room for developing new ideas.

The solution was that we wrote in the tender that we would like to receive alternative solutions.

Stjernholm A/S took up this challenge, they visited our plant Wastewater West plant – looked at the conditions – and suggested one large grit washer to replace the previous 2 small ones.

The result was both a cheaper and a much more robust solution. Stjernholm SR2500 simply runs smoothly, We have no stops and the operators come much less in contact with the wastewater. It easily handles the grit we add. It keeps more sand back and it seems that the sand also washed considerably cleaner now.

-To optimize the operation 100%, Stjernholm offered to visit us a morning with some of their people so we could make “knowledge sharing”. It was a very rewarding morning, which all participant had great pleasure in, – says Jens Enevoldsen.

– And we have already begun our next challenge,- continues Jens Enevoldsen. – Ulrik from Stjernholm believes that the washed grit is so clean that it can be recycled instead of being delivered to landfill. Yes, it may even end up being able to get money for it instead of having to pay for it.

Fantastic what a dialogue at the right time can lead to,- concludes Jens Enevoldsen from Din Forsyning

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