New pre-treatment equipment at Hørning treatment plant:

Larger quantities of solids are separated off – and yet the amount deposited is smaller and cleaner.

When Skanderborg Forsyning installed a Stjernholm FSM Filterband screen, a Stjernholm Solids Washer and a Stjernholm Sand Washer, the results at Hørning treatment plant were excellent.

Even though the filterband screen held back far more solids than the previous solution, the quantity of solids separated off for deposition after washing and compacting in the solids washer is reduced by a quarter. Other things being equal, this means that the costs of deposition are also reduced by as much as 25%.

At the same time, a new sand washer has been installed, with additional savings on deposition costs, because the washed sand is now so clean that it can be deposited without charge.

“We are really pleased that Hørning treatment plant gets such a good return on their investments,” says Kaj Stjernholm, who on behalf of Stjernholm A/S has been responsible for the dialogue and negotiations between the company and Skanderborg Forsyning. “For us, this case is a really good example of the results that can be achieved through Cooperation with Value, both for our customer and for us!”

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