Ulrik Folkmann: The most expensive can easily be the cheapest – in the long term!

Nyborg Wastewater Treatment Plant, a nice, large wastewater treatment plant in Denmark, bought a Stjernholm grit washer SR-1900 in 2017 to replace an older grit washer from another brand.

– The old grit washer had begun to give the wastewater treatment plant’s operating staff several challenges, with clogging follow bay downtime – Stjernholm grit washer is not the cheapest on the market, – admit to Ulrik Folkmann, – but I dare say that it is the best on the market. So when we enter into dialogue with customers who would like to look at an investment with TCO as a starting point, Stjernholm grit washer turns out to be the best choice anyway. We have grit washers, which after more than 20 years of operation, still are running impeccably! –

In Nyborg, there have been no regrets about the choice. The Stjernholm grit Washer has been running for four years without clogging and with a super good result on both retention and purity in the washed grit, which today keeps a high dry matter content with a very low content of organic matter.

In addition to the advantage we gain from saving the person-hours required to keep the old grit washer running, we now also get cleaner grit and optimal organic matter retention in the wastewater.

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